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Better late than never! Seed-starting 2024.

About a week ago I planted a bunch of peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, sunflower, nevada wildflowers, kale, spinach, cucumber, and buffalo grass in the chicken run, in protected areas. I hope those grow big and strong and will give your flock a large variety of treats to access through the fence, some of it we will be able to harvest and give to them separately.

Today mom and I are planting seeds! Most of what we are planting today will go in seed trays, but some of it will go into the ground where last year’s beds were. I hope to grow Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes again. Now that I know that it will vine out in every direction, in a gigantic way, I am more prepared for it to do so. I’ll place it alongside my fence so that I can anchor it as it grows. It’ll make for a much easier time harvesting it. It was a prolific producer of wonderfully sweet and amazing cherry tomatoes!

My goal today is to plant some varieties of tomato, beans, collard greens, cabbage, spinach, and more! I will also be adding grass seed around the RV to help prevent erosion of the soil around it. Since the RV provides shade on the soil, it tends to maintain a little more moisture than the rest of the yard. I’ll utilize that to protect the soil further! I have some white dutch clover to spread, too.


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