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Brooder area is 99% done!

Construction Progress

While mom is on a girls trip to visit a friend in a nearby state dad and I managed to 99% complete the brooder area.

We have a small coop attached to the rear of the adult flock coop. We fenced out the area around that smaller coop as a protected run for the youngins. Before mom went on vacay we concreted in the fence posts for the gate.

Here are some updated photos of what we did. We need to clean up the area a little bit but we’re exhausted from all the work as accomplished. We put up fencing, albeit losely, and cut long strips of chicken wire to put along the bottom to not allow the *little* chicks through so that they wouldn’t get attacked by the adult flock, or my dogs. The “gate” is just extra fence that we move back and forth to get in and out of the pen. Within the next few days mom will be using her fancy new tool to help craft a gate out of 2x4s or other wood we have lying around. She’s excited to use the tool, and it’ll be perfect to get the corners of the gate lined up at 90 degree angles!

Immediate Plans:

  • Crafting a gate, adding gate hardware, etc
  • Adding shade cloth to give the babies much-needed shade since the coop is south-facing
  • Give the ducklings my dog’s kiddie pool so they can swim!
  • Create a garden bed to grow grasses, flowers, kale, etc that the chicks can reach to eat but not destroy
  • Chop down all of the weeds overtaking my garden
  • Plant the seedlings that are sprouting in my personal garden!

Long-Term Plans:

  • Add a second fenced-in area roughly 50×50 feet to move all the ducks into once the youngins are mature to separate them from the chickens
  • Move the young chickens (currently, the babies pictured above) into the adult flock when they are much more mature.
  • Add another fenced area for the sustainable meatbird flock I want to start
    • Cornish roosters and White Rock hens
  • Build two coops (one for ducks, one for the meatbirds)


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