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  • American Bresse Chicken: An Exquisite Dual-Purpose Breed

    American Bresse Chicken: An Exquisite Dual-Purpose Breed

    The American Bresse chicken is a striking and versatile breed gaining popularity among small farmers and backyard flocks alike. Prized for both its delicious meat and decent egg production, this “triple-threat” chicken boasts a unique heritage and some impressive qualities. Heirs to a European Legacy According to AmBresse.com the American Bresse is a relatively new…

  • eBay situation: resolved

    eBay situation: resolved

    Here’s the back story: I sent them a working computer, after delivery they immediately complained that they couldn’t log in because the password was incorrect (no, it wasn’t, I ensured it was easy to log in – user: Owner; pass: owner). The next day they messaged me to say they formatted the drive to put…

  • Welcome to our hobby farm!

    We are working to create a great website to share with you our journey from when we started thinking about getting chickens to how we ended up where we are today . I say “we” or “us” but it’s mostly me, Brittany Dunlap, who you will hear from. I post on TikTok at least once…