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Ebay buyer broke the computer then wants to return it for refund

I sold my gaming laptop on Ebay. I disclosed that it doesn’t have a battery and runs fine when plugged into the wall outlet. I formatted the computer to basic Windows 11 Home edition with the username “Owner” and password “owner”. I shared photos of the computer and screen showing the specs and condition of the computer. The buyer received the product then messaged me saying that he didn’t know the password and asked what it was. The user/pass was plainly in the item description, but okay. I gave him the password again via message. He said it didn’t work. I know for a fact that’s a lie, but okay.

The customer later messaged me to tell me they formatted the computer to windows 10 and had it up and running and he and his sister were playing on it. Then the next day they went to turn it on and it wouldn’t power on. My first question (to myself) was: What did you do to it? What kind of virus/malware did you download? I didn’t ask the buyer that, but it is obvious the buyer did something to break the computer and was expecting me to somehow fix it?

The customer tried to get me to help them find a replacement power cable, in case that was the issue. I didn’t have the original power cord with me to know what to look up, they have the original power cord in their possession with the computer. I suggested to look on that cord and look up similar spec power cord on Amazon or Ebay. They got back with me a couple of days later stating that their “computer smart dad” tried a different cable and it still wouldn’t power on. They then requested a refund via Ebay.

So, the customer received a working computer, formatted it to a different version of Operating System, played on it, then the next day it wouldn’t power on? Ebay thinks I am supposed to pay for return shipping to me, and accept a broken computer (useless piece of junk, perhaps) and be okay with the situation? No. I’m not.

The computer was obviously working as expected (per the customer when they messaged me stating that they had it up and running and were playing on it the previous evening)… I cannot be expected to warranty a computer that they broke. No, not going to happen. If Ebay sides with the fraudulent buyer then I will choose not to sell on Ebay anymore. It’s not worth the huge money losses. I’m already destitute.

I do not have $300 to refund them, nor should I be expected to! I used the $235 I received from the sale and paid my credit card balance down. As it is, I have only $4 to my name. I’m disabled and cannot work outside the home. I take care of chickens and ducks, and try to sell their eggs but I sell no more than 3 dozen a month, two friends. $18-20 per month. Yeah, I’ll bend over and shove this now-broken computer up my arse and pull $320 out of thin air. I’ll be out the equivalent of $600. Wow. Great.

I’m trying to earn an honest living and now what? Now I can’t sell on Ebay until the $300 buyer fraud is resolved. I guess I’ll have to go each Saturday to the VFW to sell eggs since my marketing on Facebook is not being noticed. I have seeds for sale, too.


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