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eBay situation: resolved

Here’s the back story: I sent them a working computer, after delivery they immediately complained that they couldn’t log in because the password was incorrect (no, it wasn’t, I ensured it was easy to log in – user: Owner; pass: owner). The next day they messaged me to say they formatted the drive to put Windows 10 on it and had enjoyed using the computer (their words were “they had played on it). A few days later they messaged stating that the computer wouldn’t turn on and that I needed to send them a new power cable. My first thought was: What did you do it it? What virus/malware did you download to cause this? Or Did you drop it onto the floor and break something inside? I told them that I don’t have any other power cables for that laptop, just the one I sent to them. They wanted me to find all the specifics of the cable (that they have) so that they can buy a replacement. I told them I couldn’t do that because they have the power cable that has the label, that they would need to look on the label and search for that on Amazon or NewEgg. A day or so later they responded that they tried a different cable and that it still won’t turn on and they are going to open a return. If I don’t accept the return by [some specific date] that they would open a chargeback with Paypal.

This computer was sold in working condition with Windows 11 on it They have it about a week and it so happens to break in that time frame. That was my daily computer from 2018 to 2021, and then occasionally used from 2021 through 2023. It had no problems other than the lack of battery (which was disclosed not only in the title of the listing but in the condition and in the description). I had no choice but to accept the return (and pay for their shipping label).

The buyer returned the now broken laptop in a bigger box than I had shipped it in, with inadequate packaging, but it appeared undamaged from this shipping experience. I tried turned it on, it wouldn’t turn on as the buyer had stated. I took the back panel off to see if I could see any visible damage. Yes, there was a small piece chipped of of the connector to the mother board where the screen ribbon connects. Whether that is the cause, i don’t know. The pins seemed to be connected to the ribbon even though the plastic was broken off. The computer fans don’t even try to spin on, like the motherboard is fried. That’s my guess – they fried it.

I called eBay to see what my options are because they bought a computer knowing it had no battery, knowing it wasn’t eligible for return (except for “Item Not As Described”). The computer was NOT “Not As Described” because I sent them a working computer. Even though they formatted it to Windows 10 they admitted it worked for an afternoon/evening.

eBay had me print and fill out a form stating that the buyer falsely claimed INAD. I did and submitted it to them. They, for unknown reasons, couldn’t “read” the PDF file(s) so I took more photos of the original document and re-sent it a bit differently. They immediately saw it and responded by closing the INAD case in MY FAVOR. They released the hold on the funds they had in my eBay account and that was that.

I hope that is the end of the story because I have heard of some cases where the seller is out the money months later when the buyer does a charge-back. I hope that in my case, since I filed a report against the buyer for fraud, that they won’t take the money out AGAIN. I’ll post an update if it happens.


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