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More Chicks for More Eggs & Adorableness

Our rooster Barry (Barred Plymouth Rock) is over-mating our seven adult hens. He needs more booty! We ordered more chicks to brood. Yes, more.

This time I ordered an assortment from Murray McMurray Hatchery. Almost as long as I have wanted American Bresse chicks I knew I wanted to separately try mixing them with Cornish and, separately, with White Rocks to see how the offspring would look and act. Perhaps I could make a more excellent meat bird? If not, at least it will be a fun set of experiments.

Barry – our intelligent rooster

I have wanted more and more chicken breeds the more I explore the art of tending Chickens (and ducks). I think our rooster Barry is fantastic. He’s a very good boy, he listens well to me when I am causing a slight panic in the flock, such as when I am catching a hen to check her butt because of poop danglage, or catching a Polish pullet or cockerel that thinks they are trapped in a little garden area within the chicken run. He comes running to the activity and wants to try to take control over the panicked chicken but I simply put my hand out toward Barry and tell him “It’s okay, hold on…” and he actually calms right down and lets me handle the situation without interfering! I’m so proud of him! He actually seems to understand me, and my mom can’t comprehend it. She is surprised he listens to me and does what I say. Some of the hens react that way to me, too. I believe they actually understand me, and are willing to do what I say (sometimes). She just can’t wrap her head around it because she has always believed chickens have no intelligence (are “stupid”) and can’t follow directions. Side note: I read recently that they have the intelligence of a 7-year old human. I believe it.

Because Barry needs more girls, and because I love seeing many breeds of chickens in our yard because they are all so amazing… I ordered more chicks. We need more hens to produce more eggs to fulfill our new customer requests. We are having growing pains. I need more ducks, too.

Hatchery Order

My order includes:

6 unsexed Whitelaced Red Cornish
6 White Rock females
2 New Hampshire Red unsexed
2 Mottled Houdan females
2 Dark Brahma females
1 free surprise chick (any breed, probably a male)

They will ship the week of July 8th.


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