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Plans for the Ducks in 2024

Fenced Area

Since we finally got the brooder pen set up with a more permanent fenced area to protect them from the adult flock, we are now going to start working to add a separate duck pen and coop so that the chickens aren’t walking around in mud.

We will need to buy at least two wooden fence posts. One will be for the gate, and the other will be for the corner of the fence. We can buddy-up the gate to the other gate’s fence post.

I think we plan to have an area roughly equal to the current chicken/duck pen which is about 58 ft x 50 ft. We’ll squeeze it down to about 50×50 to only have to use one roll of 100 ft fencing instead of having an awkward section of additional fence.

We will use temporary fence to section off an area of that pen to grow a lot of grass, flowers, clover, kale, spinach, and other goodies. When they are fully grown we will open it up for the ducks to enjoy. We will be doing that for the chickens, too.


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We have a pool for the ducks, it’s approximately 4 feet wide and 1 foot deep. We have a difficult time cleaning it out because there is no easy to access for it to drain. We want to use that dirty water as irrigation for our garden. We plan to grow a large garden including many crops we will feed back to the chickens and ducks. To get that dirty water over to the garden plain to raise up the duck pool onto a platform to allow to a pipe underneath to drain out to the garden.

My idea (thanks to a YouTube video that I can’t find again): in the bottom center of the pool we will cut a hole, add a “floor drain” or “shower drain” and attached to that will be a 90 degree elbow, then a length of pipe, then an RV “slice valve” to allow the drain to be opened or closed, then more pipe to lead to the garden. The pipe will have to be supported the entire length. Also we will need to figure out how to divert the water into several rows so that it waters the garden, not just floods one area of it. That will take some planning. How would you accomplish it?


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